We are a SCUBA Diving Centre located in an archipelago of 12 islands, of which only 1 has a population centre and 9 are totally uninhabited. Each has fringing coral reef, with a large variety of healthy hard and soft corals. We live amongst a lovely community which has a very nicely organized societal structure and feel very welcome here.

As well as the standard staff of instructors, boat captain, and manager, the Centre employs two marine scientists and has a program of reef surveys, seahorse surveys, seagrass mapping and community education. Visitors can partake in these activities if here long enough to take the basic training required. We have many partnerships with conservation organizations and even contribute to national programs with the Department of Environment and the local Community Fishery organization.

We hope to share with the world the beauty of Koh Sdach, whilst using our research data to influence protections for the area and our experiences to help the local people move to a more sustainable and splendid lifestyle. We also try to be role models by refusing plastic, using reusable items, undertaking regular clean-up events and promoting smarter ways of living within the constraints of the environment.

Our base of operations is located right above the water, nestled in the village, with our spacious boat, the White Gecko, situated just meters from the kitchen and breakfast table. We are available to go diving 7 days a week and would love to show you the awesome sights in the area. Highlights include seahorses (5 species so far), pipefish, cobia, barracuda, huge mushroom corals, fragile staghorn corals, soft corals, anemones (with clownfish of course), dozens of nudibranchs and
flatworms and over 150 documented fish species so far.


We hope to see you on our wonderful island soon!