Our Home Stay

If you would like to stay with us, you are more than welcome to our home! We do love it over here and our home has enough space up to 16 people.

Our home is also home for Kuda Divers so what would be better than to wake up, have breakfast, set up your gear and jump on the boat?! 


We have two dorms, a spacious front area, a common area, kitchen with western vibes and three bathrooms.










Front area

Probably the most used area in our home! Drinking your morning coffee while the sun is coming up, or a place for your morning yoga - you decide! Our boat is located next to this area and that's one of the reasons why there is always some action going on.











Both dorms have 8 beds with little privacy provided to everyone and fans to share with your room mates.












Common area

Room with so many functions... This room is sometimes a classroom, sometimes a gym and sometimes just place to hang out. 









We have three bathrooms to use. All of them have a western style toilet but flushing is on island mode. Running water is twice a day but we do store water in big barrels so you can always have a shower. 


1 Day = 35 USD

Including: Bed in a dorm and 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)