Koh Sdach


Koh Sdach, also known as King Island, is located in the Gulf of Thailand. Around 1.5 km off the coast of Botum Sakor national park, in the Kiri Sakor district in Koh Kong province. It belongs to a small archipelago of 12 islands, all in relative proximity to each other and to the mainland. Koh Sdach has a 6.6 km coastline and is only 2.8 km long and 0.6 km - 1 km wide.  Koh Sdach is a fishing community and roughly 70 % of the working population are fishermen. 

Koh Sdach is a really charming island with small local shops and a little market. The island is developing all the time but in it's own relaxed way.


There are no ATMs on Koh Sdach so remember to bring some cash with you from a bigger city. We recently got our first western style coffee shop so if you are not a fan of sweet Khmer coffee, this is your place to go. 

We highly recommend to visit our island if you are interested of local living and good island vibes!

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