Koh Sdach

Koh Sdach island, also known as King Island, is located in the Gulf of Thailand, around 1.5 km off the coast of Botum Sakor national park, in the Kiri Sakor district in Koh Kong province. It belongs to a small archipelago of 12 islands, all in relative proximity to each other and to the main land. Koh Sdach is a fishing community and roughly 70% of the working population are fishermen.

Island has totally 6,6 km coastline even island itself is only 2,8 km long and 0,6-1 km width.

Koh Sdach has it's own charm with small local shops and now-a-days there is even one western style coffee shop. But we hope that all our visitors keep in mind that this is still a small local village with power cuts and not running water 24/7 (bucket shower is available all the time though). We also don't have ATM on the island so money needs to take out from the city. 

But Koh Sdach is definitely place to see if you are interested of good and pure Cambodian island vibes!

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Address:   House 48, Koh Sdach,

Kiri Sakor, Koh Kong, Cambodia.


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