Your safety is one of our top priorities. That's why we are following all of the PADI standards really closely and we always think "safety first" in all of our activities. Diving is lot of fun and in the end really safe activity. But as a diver, good health is the key number one! And also following all of the safety rules.

Safety and diving

We always courage everyone dive safely and also take care of the main reason for dive related accident - dehydration. That's why drinking water is free of charge, available 24/7 - for your well-being!

All of our dives is planned within safe limits and we expect everyone to follow your given plan. We always carry emergency oxygen and first aid box with us on the boat. 

And please make sure that you have enough time between your last dive and your flight. There is differences with recommendations but some recent studies by Divers Alert Network (DAN) recommend that there should always be at least 24 hrs between last dive and first flight. 


Safety on land

Because we are living on the island, we have put little extra thoughts for possible emergency. Our Emergency management plan is available for everyone to read at Kuda Diver's base.

Our center has 3 different size emergency oxygen, 2 really well prepared first aid box and a stretcher.  And we also have fire extinguishers in every room. 

In the case of emergency

Sometimes even after all of these good preparations - accident happens. Our closest hospital is located in Kampot (4hrs from here) and international hospital in Phnom Penh (6hrs from here). Our closest pressure chamber for dive related accidents is located in Thailand. When you arrive on the island, we ask emergency contact information and copy of your passport, partially because of this.


NOTE! We kindly advice every student and fun diver to have their own Dive Insurance. Our recommendation is DAN. This is special insurance for divers and they have dive doctors available 24/7. And also price is really reasonable. Insurance is valid always one year from the date of purchase!

Booking With Kuda Divers

Phone:     +855 (0) 93 887 504


Address:   House 48, Koh Sdach,

Kiri Sakor, Koh Kong, Cambodia.

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